Smart liquid crysal tingting sunglasses use the Wicue's newest liquid crystal formulation and provide a clear and natural vision. Meanwhile, lenses combined with 99% UV cut polarizers can effectively filter glare and strong light to comprehensively and efficiently protect eyes.


the lenses of smart liquid crystal tinting glasses use the flexible LCD technique and intelligent light sensor. The lenses would self-adjsut the transmittance accoring to the light intensity. Color changes rapidly. The vision remains clearly during the color changing process.


Smart liquid crystal tinting sunglasses uses nylon material of light-weight, good-gloss, rare-deformation and rare-discoloration. The fashionable frame design exhibits classic more than fashion.



Outdoor intelligent optical glasses
Smart interconnected LCD panel
LCD tablet
We have 7,000 square meters production base in Shenzhen,6,000 square meters production base in Japan,5 lines roll-roll liquid crystal film production line;50+patents at home and abroad,now Wicue products have been exported to 10+countries. Wicue ( Optoelectronics is a national high-tech enterprise group focusing on R&D of flexible LCD technology, green building LCD films, smart LCD optoelectronic components for mobile devices and consumer LCD electronics hardware. The headquarters of Wicue is located in Longgang, Shenzhen. District, with 5000 square meters of film production and assembly site, 5 roll-to-roll film production lines. The main products are smart handwriting LCD blackboard, ultra-low haze bistable LCD energy-saving film, virtual reality/augmented reality high-definition display materials and augmented reality AR transparent glasses devices, which are at the leading level in the world. Zhuhai Wicue Technology was strongly introduced by the Zhuhai Municipal Government in 2019 and focused on R&D and production of flexible dimming liquid crystal films, which are mainly used in dimming and color-changing sunglasses, helmets, car sunroofs and building windows and other optoelectronic components. The technology is at the international leading level. At the same time, Wicue has a 6,000 square meter site in Hiroshima, Japan, with 20 Japanese employees, and the world's only flexible LCD liquid crystal display film production line. The factory has invested a total of 500 million RMB. Wicue also has a 25-person LCD device and LCD display R&D center in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, focusing on the development of next-generation LCD hardware, optical device technology and production technology. Wicue is the world's first company to produce high-brightness, large-size LCD large blackboards. This product can write handwriting without a pen or electricity, completely remove dust and protect eyes, and write handwriting with very high brightness. It can be erased in full screen with one key, which can perfectly replace traditional chalk blackboard. Wicue smart LCD tablet products have complete independent intellectual property rights, have obtained independent invention patents, have applied for more than 50 domestic and international patents, and self-made wide-format LCD film automatic roll-to-roll production line to achieve low-cost and high-yield production. The launch of Wicue Intelligent LCD Blackboard is a subversion and innovation of the traditional handwriting board industry, filling the gap in the industry in the world. Wicue won the industry's first prize and winning award in the 2015 Shenzhen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Competition, respectively, and then successively won the titles of 2016 Shenzhen "Peacock Team" and 2017 "China's New Normal Social Responsibility New Enterprise". At present, Wicue LCD blackboards have been installed in many large, middle and elementary schools, and have entered many well-known companies, becoming an essential tool for office and conferences. The products have been exported to more than 10 countries overseas. At the same time, Wicue has launched in-depth strategic cooperation with many well-known international companies.

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